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Who We Are

Sharyland Utilities, L.P. is a Texas-based public electric utility that is fully regulated by the Public Utility Commission of Texas. We are committed to providing quality customer service, affordable rates, safe and reliable electric delivery, and increased investment in the electric grid of Texas.

Sharyland Utilities currently serves approximately 54,000 customers in 29 counties throughout Texas.

Sharyland Utilities is privately-owned by Hunter L. Hunt and other members of the family of Ray L. Hunt, and is managed by Hunter L. Hunt.

Mission Statement

Through our employees, we are committed to providing safe, reliable, quality services to the communities we serve, enhancing their quality of life through innovation and sustainable economic development.


Core Values

Respect for the Individual
Above all else and in every situation, we will always respect the inherent worth of our employees, our business partners, and the customers we serve.

We are entrusted with managing our portion of the grid, which underpins our economy and the communities we serve. We will approach all stakeholders with respect, openness, and an awareness of our obligation to provide our customers with the best service possible.

We will build an electric delivery grid for the 21st Century that will utilize innovative technologies and management techniques.

We will always strive to be first in every metric by which we judge ourselves.

We can only succeed in our Mission by working together and relying on each other, both internally and externally with our customers and stakeholders.

We will always do the right thing, never compromising our principles and values.

Land of Dreams
Sharyland Utilities originated in a place where entrepreneurial dreams have thrived over the past 100 years. It started in 1914 with the founder of Shary Farms, John Shary, who had a dream of developing large-scale commercial crops, proving to be a very successful venture. Not only did his business achievements benefit the entire region’s economy, he also helped build and nurture the communities around him. Just as John Shary saw the potential of promise and growth in the region, some 80+ years later another entrepreneur set to build a similar dream on the same land.

In 1998, Sharyland’s current Chairman, Hunter Hunt, along with the team from Hunt Realty Investments took notice of the lush, tropical scenery around a 6,000 acre portion of the once Shary Farms in Mission, Texas. As Hunt Realty began the development of the master-planned, multi-use community called Sharyland Plantation, Sharyland Utilities materialized as the electric utility that would serve the residents and businesses there. This project, like Shary’s crops, would ultimately bring economic growth to the Rio Grande Valley, generating ~$21,000,000 in tax revenue to the area today compared to only $84,000 in revenue prior to development.

McAllen Leading the Way
Sharyland Utilities’ first employee, our former President, Mark Caskey, introduced the innovative practices which are evident in the policies that govern our company today. Focusing on regional growth and electric reliability in our communities, Mark facilitated the development of our first distribution system with the installation of underground lines, as well as overseeing the construction of the first-of-its-kind High Voltage Direct Current Interconnection (DC Tie) to support business activity and provide emergency power between Texas and Mexico, which has since been expanded.

At the time of Sharyland’s inception, Texas restructured the electric industry allowing for consumers to choose their electric providers. The McAllen office gained firsthand knowledge of retail electric competition and its business requirements for more than a decade, which allowed the staff to be instrumental in the transition of the former Cap Rock territories in 2014.

Brick by Brick
As we reflect on how Sharyland started in the Rio Grande Valley and has since grown into a regional utility, it is important to look closely at the bigger picture behind our successes and growth that originated in McAllen. Sharyland encourages support in communities where it is needed, and does not stand in the way of projects that can benefit them and help them prosper. Many of our relationships stem from this desire and our collaborative projects and community involvement reflect these efforts.

The Cross Valley Project is a perfect example of Sharyland’s comfort and willingness to work together with local partners and neighboring electric providers to meet regional needs. In 2009, Sharyland began working jointly with Electric Transmission Texas (ETT) and the city of Brownsville’s Municipal Utility to develop a transmission solution known as the Cross Valley Project, which will improve the reliability of the transmission system serving the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. This project is the likely result of a positive relationship that existed over more than a decade while the city of Brownsville agreed to answer the McAllen service area outage calls.

The DC-Tie is another way we worked towards a unified goal with a neighboring utility resource. Sharyland realized the potential of fostering an international wholesale market with Mexico and worked with the Mexican government to connect the closely positioned grids. Today, both the Texas ERCOT grid and the Mexico Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) benefit with increased reliability.