Sharyland Utilities believes energy infrastructure is critical to ensuring the continued economic development and prosperity that Texas currently enjoys. We also believe that more creative thinking will be required to meet Texas' electric needs in the 21st century. In particular, transmission projects need to move more quickly from conceptual ideas into functioning infrastructure that provides benefits to customers.


    Cross Valley Project

    Sharyland Utilities and Electric Transmission Texas (ETT) jointly developed a 345 kV transmission line in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas in June 2016. This line is part of a larger effort known as the Cross Valley Project, which is needed in order to ensure reliable electric service for the Lower Rio Grande Valley, while also addressing continued growth in electrical load in the Brownsville area.

    DC Tie Between Texas and Mexico

    Commissioned into service in October 2007, the Sharyland DC Tie is a 300 MW High Voltage Direct Current Transmission Interconnection located along the Rio Grande border connecting at a point near the cities of Mission, Texas, and Reynosa, Tamaulipas. This DC Tie links the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) grid with the Mexican national grid, operated by the Centro Nacional de Control de Energía (CENACE), allowing for cross-border open access to support commercial business activity and to provide emergency power with Texas and Mexico. Its technology allows for bi-directional flow of electricity between both grids, thereby allowing each grid to rely on the other in times of peak demand. Not only will this strengthen the stability of both grids, it also fosters the international wholesale market of electricity.

    As of today, power generators and commercial customers on both sides of the border are already using the DC Tie for this purpose. To learn more about possible opportunities to utilize the Sharyland DC Tie for power transactions across the Texas/Mexico border, please contact us at (866) 354-3335. All power transactions across the DC Tie are scheduled through ERCOT. Please see the ERCOT related links below for more information on registering as a qualified scheduling entity in ERCOT and details on ERCOT DC Tie operations.

    Department of Energy Presidential Permits and Export Authorizations

    ERCOT information for Qualified Scheduling Entities (QSE)

    ERCOT Operating Procedures

    AEEC to White River Project

    The new 55 mile long, 345 kilovolt (kV) transmission line Sharyland constructed in the Texas Panhandle was energized on March 29, 2016. It connects the Antelope- Elk Energy Center (AEEC) in Hale County, Texas, to the new White River substation in Floyd County, Texas. The AEEC is owned by Golden Spread Electric Cooperative, and they are now able to serve its co-op customers that are located in the ERCOT grid.